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Neighbors in need. To Catch a Predator.

June 04th, 2015 
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Neighbors in need. To Catch a Predator.


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Flex Steel avatar
Flex Steel said....  

Love it ....good stuff

Brain avatar
Brain said....  

That was great. As soon as you baited the trap I knew what you were after but the ending was still a surprise. Sort of.

JMJPro avatar
JMJPro said....  

The pouring rain for a Phony seal OP? I guess any weather is fair weather for the hunt.
This was a hoot.
What are the regs for Phony seal disposal? Can't be just put out in the regular trash. Requires a special collection bin for real dangerous worthless non recyclable garbage.
Hmmm...some thought is required here.

Joe45014 avatar
Joe45014 said....  

hahahahahahahahahahaha....yeah, "Break it out motherfucker" thats funny! If you watch this and you find it distasteful, let me guess, you were pulled off a ship and ordered to go to "seal trainin" and "we was secret you see, only a unanimous vote by both the eagles and the elks can release my files" "even the president can't look at my shit." Sound about right? This is some funny stuff. I come back and watch these now and then, and they ALWAYS make me crack up.

DevilDoc91 avatar
DevilDoc91 said....  

Lmao i love when Don said "Break it out motherfucker". Oh god, if only he could really go after phonies this way.

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