You are here - My excuse for being a PUSS. But I'm the comeback KING.

My excuse for being a PUSS. But I'm the comeback KING.

December 17th, 2015 
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My excuse for being a PUSS. But I’m the comeback KING.


Diane and I REALLY appreciate the support and your patience while we figure out what my problem is. I have many problems but my health has never been one of them...


Thank you SO much...


Coop avatar
Coop said....  

Panther13 put it best!!! That's how I feel senior chief... What kind of person would i be if i gave a flying flip about $10 a month while you and your family are going through this... Not to mention the anger I have felt over the Bernath clown... YOU DO NOT SCREW AROUND WITH ANOTHER MANS WIFE!!!! your in my prayers Sir

Devul Dawg 84 avatar
Devul Dawg 84 said....  

SUCK IT UP Troop and keep Humpin.........................GITTRRDDOONNEE Get better...........

Semper fi

Navy SAR HC-1 avatar
Navy SAR HC-1 said....  

Great Excuse.... Hang in there.
You and Diane are an inspiration.

Dave avatar
Dave said....  

Don. Please check on a Med Evac if you need to get home or, anyplace urgently.

Moles avatar
Moles said....  

Rest up Senior Chief your in our prayers.

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