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Moose Jerky

June 27th, 2015 
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Don makes Moose Jerky fresh from Alaska


Flowermonkey avatar
Flowermonkey said....  

That is beautifully lean meat.

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Flowermonkey said....  

Bring dyslexic can be both strange and occasionally alarming. When I thought that the title and subject of this video was MOUSE jerky it was both!
Knowing that it's Bullwinkle and not Mickey in there makes far more sense.

Lazarus avatar
Lazarus said....  

That looked so fucking good!!! Pardon my french, but damn, I bet it would be great in a big ole steak very rare!!!!! @ justnan, how have you been doing???? You are still in my daily thoughts and prayers! LAZ

JustNan avatar
JustNan said....  

Homemade jerky is the best!!

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Jarhead said....  

DanoPCola, it has always been less expensive to make your own jerky. Go shoot your own deer or pronghorn, jerk the meat like Don and Diane described (hang stripped meat with toothpicks from a grate in your oven), make your own outdoor smoker (inexpensive and easily done), or utilize a purchased dehydrator. The seasonings are inexpensive too. The only real cost would be the quality dehydrator, and possibly rifle and tag purchases and the time spent hunting.
Aside from the accomplishment of your first kill, there are very few things in life that are as satisfying as providing your family with fresh, lean meat that's not been tainted with hormones (steroids), antibiotics, &c.

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