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Monday in Maryland

May 09th, 2016 
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Don and Diane checkin out the new retirement area


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Ktype said....  

Congrats on the new place!

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Littlefoot said....  

Congrats you two!!!

ShotInTheDark71 avatar
ShotInTheDark71 said....  

Old Pumpkin Head James Hoskins The Tony Soprano look alike the fake swim buddy of Marcus Lutrell he is one phony I will never forget.

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AS1  avatar
AS1 said....  

Someone needs to f**k D(umb) B(astard's) day up for once. I am hoping it's you, Senior Chief, and Ms. Diane. He has EARNED it.

As far as old "Pumpkin Head" Hoskins is concerned, I have seen the original video of him and Mr. Marcus tearing into this POS. Some people never learn. It *ALMOST* makes me feel sorry for someone who would lie and embellish his military service for those pats on the back, free beers, and "thank you's." He's screaming for attention and getting it in the WRONG way. I might be stating the obvious, but the real problem is that if someone like this tells a lie like this long enough, believe it or not, they will actually start believing this lie. James has done exactly that and he's seems well rehearsed about it. He needed to be exposed as do ALL PERSONS WHO WOULD STEAL VALOR FROM THOSE WHO HAVE ACTUALLY EARNED IT. Bravo Zulu to you Senior Chief, "This Ain't Hell", and other sites who expose these valor thief's. There are some sick and twisted minds doing doing this.

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medic2760 said....  

AWESOME.... Im so glad it finally worked out for the two of you... God knows you deserve it!

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je suis liberté  avatar 05/10/2016

je suis liberté replied....

Your family, and Keith especially deserve the very best- and have mine always! Blessings!!!!

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