Meet the Shipley's. For better or worse...

Meet the Shipley’s...


Many thanks for the support Guys and Gals... Diane and I appreciate it...




Thank ya very much!!



LOVE this video it's by far the best one about you two! Wish people today understood what longstanding relationships/marriage is ALL about. I've been married 36 years and agree with what Diane said in the video "we really like and enjoy one another". I truly love my husband BUT I like him too and enjoy being around him. Having said that I can also say I don't agree with him all the time nor do I think he's perfect!! I do think I'm lucky to have had him all these years and he's the best friend I've ever had!
Thank you D & D for going after these low life PHONYS! You two honor everyone who ever wore a uniform for our country and for those who came back and for those that didn't. You two are A M A Z I N G !!



Said it once and will say it again. Not that she is much different now, but Dianne was certainly a hot little blonde. I see why she caught a SEAL's eye.



Diane looked like a great dedicated sailor. Thanks to president carter for opening up woman to be alongside men on fleet duty in navy and probably out performed many men. She sure did work hard as don said and I can tell she is proud of her service and dedication. They even say woman make better snipers due to there patients. That's why I read Hillary is really going to enforce equal rights with woman in military with there preference rights.

Umesh Heendeniya


What an outstanding team!
Love ya, and God Bless!



They say that behind every good man, there is a good woman. What they don't tell you is that she is kicking him in ass the ass the entire time!

I met my wife while I was in the Navy as well. She wasn't in the service - she was visiting her sister who was. She is from the backwoods of Tennessee as well. She asked me out pretty much the same way.

I was put in charge of running 'fat boys' remedial PT when I came back to 'A' school after being in Deck Department for a year and a half (beat standing watch AND coincided with the PT I was doing anyway). She came to pick her sister up who was one of my victims. She saw me, liked me, and a few hours after she first met me, she showed up to my barracks room with a plateful of homemade brownies. She said, "These will make for a good dessert for after you take me out to dinner tonight."

What is it with you Tennessee gals?

Speed Bump


Thanks for your service Shipmates...



As much as I love watching you two bust those phonies on the road and even the phone calls (which are always a blast to watch), I really enjoy seeing the team work in this marriage and the human side to marriage. You both put things into perspective, and I wonder if there is anything you cannot do. Especially together!!!! You are truly blessed and an inspiration!!!!!!



Looks like Don caught a great WAVE and supporting your efforts to expose lowlife frauds has been gratifying.

Elvis Morrison


Great video guys, much love to you both, and keep up the outstanding work!

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