Master Chief Davis. Combat Shooting Tips

Master Chief Davis. Combat Shooting Tips.

I’ve been asked about Hershel’s fingers being gone. He got them shot off in Vietnam and received a second Purple Heart for a Booby Trap he stepped on.

Hershel is the finest Combat Shooting Instructor there is.

Thanks for joining... Don




I was invited to go as a guest to a gun club shooting Saturday. The friend that invited me had a wide selection of revolvers and pistols to shoot. After I had my go with his Colt Python I asked what he had in 45ACP. The answer was "a 1911 and a Glock 21". I went out and bought a Glock 21 soon after that Saturday



Good stuff MC, the truth is most people don't understand muscle memory shooting. At Quantico we had three days of pistol presentation and sight alignment drills, all before ever squeezing off a round. I'm not sure how many times I pulled, but I swear my right arm was about an inch longer at the end of the course. About two weeks into our deployment, I ditched the issue drop leg rig. It definitely beat the shit out of your leg and the Galco hip holster my wife sent was a lifesaver. The only problem was interference when wearing the IBA, so I modified the drop leg holster with a chest mount molly adapter and that worked fairly well outside the wire.



I really enjoy these videos. I'm in the UK so pistols of any calibre are banned, as are many of the variations of shotguns. To own a shotgun or rifle you must be a full member of a gun club, have a license which involves police checks and an assessment by a doctor. When not in use at a club or official range, with the exception of shotguns for a farm or rifle for pest control but these still can only be used on land with the owners permission and the land it's self fulfilled certain criteria.When not in use they must be in a permitted design of metal gun cabinet which is secured to an inside wall. Ammunition is strictly controlled the number of rounds allowed to be held at any one time is low.
Very very different to America.



Thanks Master. Chief for the tips, I carry a Springfield 1911 and It is my favorite handgun hands down... Thank you sir!



Finally, I understand what front sight focus means. Know wonder I couldn't hit shit. Was more accurate with my G 19 if I threw the fucking pistol at the target. Thanks Master Chief. Just learnt more in 11 mins than in 3 years of pistol shooting.



I was in the army back in the pre-9mm Beretta days. I carried a 1911 during my service, and I've owned a .45 since then!



Thanks again Master Chief for the use of your 1911, I'm sure I didn't give it back as clean as you gave it to me. Mastering the 45 is NOT as easy as it sounds but your instruction was impeccable.



I live in Canada where we can't carry hand guns, And its fucking shame! The only people carrying sidearms in Canada is the crack head prick that's walking in to my store to rob me or the police that's to far away to help me when needed. They say "just give them what they want"!! like that's some kind of security that the prick isn't gonna shot me anyway. We should be so lucky to have a chance to be trained like a pro like this man, And be allowed to open carry. P.S Note to the crack head!! I don't Have a pistol however I'm still ready for you dick smacks so don't try it!! lol. Thanks Master Chief....



I might venture a guess to say that Master Chief is a SEAL that other SEAL's hold in relatively high regard.



Closing one eye, changing your dominant eye, this is revolutionary! Thanks for sharing this video I've always been told that I'm 'cross dominant' and it's a PITA...

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