Master Chief Davis addresses the class

Master Chief Davis addresses the class




You seem like such a great instructor Master Chief. U wouldn't be where u are if u weren't. You're a hard ass, that's why you're so good @ what u do..........but underneath that stache I bet there is nothing but sweetness😍💜



Its pretty great to see what u guys do. I use 2only watch the "Phony" vids on youtube until y'all began this very website that I pay for monthly. I LOVE IT. I love how y'all give these young guys experience a couple of yrs (or more) before they are even able to join the military. Y'all give them the motivation they need.
Didn't think I'd like watching anything but the phonies, but I truly do.



Master Chief is spot on about taking care of the equipment. That's a sailors lifeline.



@Dr. S - Well said.




Dr. Strangelove


I always like to hear other NCOs do their bit. We go to school and get training, but each one shows that commitment and dedication with their own experiences to serve as a guide. It is so much more than these young people know and you can hear it in their voices. It can never be made real for an audience. The awfulness of the tasks the MC is discussing are really to much for the young to wrap their minds around. Carrying a body or parts out of the forest is horrible grim business. Other bad stuff goes along with that; and, it is much more than something you easily forget. It is a job for professional soldiers, and that job has no end. We don't leave those who sacrifice it all in the field. That is the heartbreak that never goes away. It isn't the blasting assholes in the middle east or personal fuckups that are impossible to deal with. It is the bringing the body home to the family that hurts so terribly bad. It makes me want to wretch to think about how much the family suffers. I can't stand to see it and I never saw anyone that could. When the children start crying and everyone realizes the loss, it is better to be anywhere else. I can take any beating but that.



HOORAH Master Chief or should I use the SEAL HOOYA, any way you put things in it's simplest form as any thing can be. Yes the simplest thing take good care of your kits and they will take care of you. OMNIS CEDO DOMUS (EVRYONE COMES HOME) Hell ya KNOW ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!!!!!!!

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