Lance Wessling said....  

Sr Chief...Dont trip on anybodys patience sir. You have ENDLESS support from all of your members. Im sure Im not alone when I say the support I offer to you and Diane far exceeds that of a monthly website fee. Your members, supporters, subscribers, or whatever you wanna call us, love what you all do and are here to support your mission however you need us to. Being patient is an easy day sir.

ROFFO said....  

It might take bit of time but I'm sure your mate will pull up stumps soon and wonder if it was all worth. He will get into so much shit it's only a matter of time before all credibility is totally lost.

Good things happen to people with good hearts .

Keep smiling.

3ID Dogface said....  

I don't get in here near as much as I'd like to. When I do, I absolutely feel like I'm a part of something great. I consider my monthly donation to your cause an absolute must in the fight against this giant cluster fuck of ass hats that seemed to keep multiplying! And as far as this bernath fella goes, I for one cannot wait to see you stomp that giant piece of shit down to a puddle of anal leakage, and then walk that mother fucker dry! I can only imagine the kind of stress that comes with this, but know this: you have an army of folks that would support you and your family with whatever you needed. Just take some comfort in that, and hopefully that can get rid of some of that extra stress. Best of luck to you and yours boss!

Rooster said....  

We're all here with you boss!

Jswyers said....  

You best is absolutely good enough. In fact, beyond. Do not worry about delay in getting other content on here. We love the content that does come on and we respect the job you do. No need to apologize or ask for patience. Those of us who understand your cause and love you for it, understand and will be here until the end. Hang in BRO!