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Last Night in Maryland, our Favorite Place to Eat.

February 27th, 2016 
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Last Night in Maryland, our Favorite Place to Eat.

Home soon. Thanks for the support.




Hogan avatar
Hogan said....  

You couldnt drag me back to New Hampshire, I do miss the sea food, scallops Lobstuh, crab, ...mebbee its time to take a road trip to San Pedro...

AT3 avatar
AT3 said....  

First thought that came to mind when you walked up to that French Restaurant was "Bait and Tackle".

Dr PennsylVapia avatar
Dr PennsylVapia said....  

DO NOT LET THE CHEF SEE YOU MAKE A SCALLOP SANDWICH!!!! Ask a real French chef what he hates about Americans the most and every time he will bring up how we have this intolerable annoying and insulting habit of eating their prepared dishes by ruining them like dipping the bread in the sauce. I could see a self respected French chef being held back by the kitchen staff as he screamed obscenities and yelling how he is going to throw an offender out of his bistro!! Then (and this is what I would pay money to see) watching him try to throw Don out! LOL Just kidding guys the food looked amazing and I would have done the exact same thing Don. After all au gratin is really just butter and cheese. There are endless versions of au gratin like lemon or a rue instead of simple cheese and butter but in the end....cheese and butter nice and hot! Damn my mouth was watering watching this video!!!!

ShotInTheDark71 avatar
ShotInTheDark71 said....  

We were in The Oyster Pub last night in Daytona Beach FLA and they didnt have fried Oysters my brother and me couldnt believe it but damn the food was good but we wanted fried oysters they are so damned good. Now Im hungry again for fried oysters !! I ll get them today...

ShotInTheDark71 avatar
ShotInTheDark71 said....  

Im going to have to try this place out when Im down that way that food sounds and looks amazing !!!! Sometimes the most unlikely places have the most killer food for sure !!! God Bless you both !!

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