Jessie Ventura's Navy SEAL brother Jan Janos. BUD/S Class 49.

Jan Janos graduated BUD/S Class 49. His brother Jim Janos (AKA Jesse Ventura) graduated BUD/S Class 58. Diane and I are working on something SPECIAL. Many thanks for the support...




I remember crossing the bridge to Alongopo, it was just kids diving for the coins. Marshal law was in effect, i was in a bar, walked out with a beer , some little guy in a chrome helmet stopped me, told me i was in "violation" i woke up handcuffed to a screen in the back of a van, got my eyes dotted. Also spent a night in the Sportsmans Club throwing Marines from the MAU camp out of the bar with my shipmates from the Mighty Mux, Top Gun 72. Good times.

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East Texas here and the media mafia trains all the people to speak without any accent or regional dialect.
Shameful to me coming from the 70's. Listening to national news. Radio and commercials were so different than local. You could for sure tell the difference and that is missing now.

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A good hour spent here.



I know a lot of folks don't like Jim Janos, AKA Jesse Ventura , mainly for his actions taken against Chris Kyle and then unfortunately Taya Kyle. But know that there are two sides to every story and according to Jim Janos he was accused of in his words treason ! Not to mention the fact that supposedly Chris Kyle , may you rest in peace, fabricated the bar fight story. I don't know whether he did or didn't. All I know is I feel the man has been ridiculed and taken a lot of abuse over an incident that I think would have made anyone mad facing the same analogy and even though master chief has made it clear that he doesn't care for the man for maybe other reasons unknown to us I myself have to say I'm on the fence !



Seems like a much better guy than his brother



Amazing how many people were influenced by "Sea Hunt'. One of the very first episodes had "Mike" rescuing a Navy pilot from his jet, a F-9 Cougar, that had crashed into the ocean after launching off a carrier. The cockpit was intact, and the pilot was OK, breathing O2 thru his oxygen mask, while his airplane sat on the bottom (shallow water fortunately ). Of course the race was on for "Mike" to rescue him before his O2 supply ran out. That was the very first time I ever saw anything about Navy pilots (I grew up in El Paso ) and that was what made me go on to eventually become one. Great memories! By the way, I always remembered that episode and pulled my O2 mask straps tight before every carrier launch, just in case.




Something I find extremely interesting, and proud of, is the variety of accents we have in this great country. The contrast between Janos' and Shipley's accents is appreciated in this day and age. I remember newscasts back in the late 60's and early 70's truly expressing the local flavor as opposed to the non-accents we're subjected to with national 24/7 "news" cycle.

Thanks to the Shipleys for bringing this great forum into existence. It really takes one around the world while saving and appreciating the ground beneath our feet.




58 minute videos are perfect for cleaning neglected rifles haha. Volume cranked up so I could hear from pc to kitchen table until my wife stormed in and said "the whole house can hear this" LOL.




My wife never believed my Subic stories, including the bridge and the kids. Now she does. Thank you, fellas.




Former Navy SEAL Jan Janos. Thank you for your service. You were talking about the movie star quality "women" at the clubs in Subic. I gotta ask how well did you check them "women" out. You know that place is well known for transgenders and those "guys" do a good job of it. WAs just asking (he he)