William Haase said....  

With friends like that... Who needs enemas ???? LMAO just kidding. What a hot dog eater. R.I.P Steve your watch has ended. We have it from here Brother. May your family be comforted by the Lord and watched over by veterans.

Dr PennsylVapia said....  

I do not know about anyone else but I was enjoying that video and having been dumb enough to challenge and be challenged by buddies to eating contests I know what that last bite is like and the fucked up feeling you get from eating that much food. It broght back so memories for me. I was all happy watching this video and at the end where there were pictures coming up I thought it was great to see other SEALS from back then and then I saw the R.I.P. It felt like I got kicked in the gut by a horse. I was not expecting it. I was seeing the comradely and pictures of happy times even of family then SMACK R.I.P. I did not serve as I stated here many times on the site and realized too late in life that I should have . So I have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone who served. serves or is about to serve. I am even jealous but feel more loss than anything else. The finest people I have known have served and I think I missed on hell of a life. Anyway when I saw the SEAL Scotty I believe with his daughter then saw R.I.P. it just really caught me off guard and I was not expecting to have been so shaken by it. I did not know the man but somehow I just can't shake the sense of loss for his family and friends. I actually kept watching other videos right after this one to shake off the sadness or anger ....just a bunch of strong emotions that has me all twisted up especially when I think of his kids. Man it just has me down and feeling an empty and loss type of thing. Well anyway I just thought that leaving this comment might help shake off some of what I am feeling right now as I am sure I am not the only one it bothers . Thoughts and prayers to all.


Hosenfeld said....  

Haha.....the dumb garbage we'd do to amuse ourselves while in. Bravo.


doesyourdogbite said....  

I think if I ate that much of a food I liked, I'd never want to eat it again. That's a lot of hot dogs man!

REALDEALNCO said....  

Damn Sully all those dogs in one sitting and being a skinny guy, I bet that hurt.