bruteforce650 said....  

Would love to google earth the property, where is it?

Kary Jo said....  

Congrats! Very happy for both! You deserve only the very best!

AS1 said....  

"Don and Diane join the home inspector as he cleans out the septic tank holy shit"
This calls for a Case 580 Backhoe (or similar equipment) and an investment in some Rid-X©. Never was personally involved in cleaning out a septic tank, but, back many, many moons ago, my father used to build houses in the country that included crews that did that kind of work, including setting them and running the lateral lines.

Glad to hear that you, Senior, and Ms. Diane are getting something you two will enjoy. I wish you both all the success in the world with this new Charity. I can't speak for everyone on this site, but as far as I am concerned, y'all can take your time and get this project squared away. There will be time for busting phonies later and I know that it will be worth the wait.

johnnhcharles61 said....  

Diane looks so happy. Like being pregnant for the first time? LOL It's nice to see you guys so happy. You're not going to teach at the shooting course ? WTF? ?? I coming to have you and MC teach me. FM!! MFer... Story of my life.. MFer....

Fyrebyrd1 said....  

So when I Google mapped what I believe is the property, it looks like an awesome location. Gonna be really cool once it's all set up, and running.