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Helo Casting

February 17th, 2015 
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Great water shot under the Helo


harborseal avatar
harborseal said....  

It was awesome as @Raz said. Leon, do you hold your nose while jumping in the water?
ESE is badass.

Raz avatar
Raz said....  

I guess it's kinda like you got to go to Disney land and I didn't. So I don't want hear shit about Disney land. LoL looks awesome!

Leon avatar
Leon said....  

I can't believe nobody has anything to say about helo casting here. The ride in the chopper is short, then you stay on your ass with your feet tangling in the wind, then you reach the drop spot, and you jump. By the time you realized you cleared the bird, you are already hitting the water and going under. Then you surface and realize it was nothing to it. Just a little cold air mixed with water hitting your face due to the rotors, but then the chopper moves away and you do the boring swim back to the nearest shore.

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