KD said....  

Actually, I take it back! I think it might be Common Burdock.

KD said....  

I think it might be Pokeweed

BobVH said....  

Don, I've seen it but don't know what it's called. Just pick one and ask most any real farmer or go to the store where the farmers buy their spray for the fields. Those people will be able to advise you and would not surprise me if they tell you to spray for it. Otherwise you could have a mess on your hands.

GO NAVY 086 said....  

That shot of your new property is beautiful.

Simon77 said....  

The other problem with plant identification is there are cute and colorful local names, some are colloquial but others are misnomers and properly belong to other species.

It's not about somebody's local pride or what great-grandpappy done called it. If the solution for removal is expensive and time consuming then folks need to make sure the Belladonna is really Belladonna or the mandrake is really mandrake.

For example one removal solution was ...
- keep plowing it under at night
- Then over-plant soy to shadow it out
- After some number of seasons you get your field back.

Not fun but it might be worthwhile for valuable land you want to get certified organic in a high-paying market for organic produce.