Alan said....  

Don........ I can't believe I have been led/grown up to believe that Frank Dux was something he's not ...... I'm 30, and remember my dad watching Bloodsport when I was a child. We rented it constantly. My father has even seen Bloodsport in the theater with my uncle. I am going to call my dad in Kentucky here shortly. His jaw will drop. Mine sure has. This makes me angry and saddens me at the same time.

TW said....  

I really enjoy your videos, I have noticed a few times that I see a( this we defend badge )on some of your fakes. That badge is only allowed to be warn by DI's. Keep up your good work.

FredFred said....  

I still have my Tao of Jeet Kun Do, Wing Chung, Aikido, "Killer Karate (Taikwondo paperback, my first). But I and my cousins were the real deal, we know what sticking hands are, like Bob Wall in the video... We used combinations of weapons vs nunchucks, Roman style soft steel swords, iron bars, staves... Too old now but, I know the moves, even a few years ago I said, jeez will have to finish them off with the first blows now. Damn pain and old joints don't want to do it. But I watch boxing and mixed martial arts with my 87 year old dad every weekend still, and I tell him about their foot work, balance, feints, and the bounce vs planted impacts...


FredFred said....  

Its not flattery, just recognition for what you do. Most normal people wish others to think well of them, some people do things that deserve that outstanding. BZ Don and Diane.

JW said....  

Dux must be French for "DICK".