Sledog said....  

Hey Don you need to wear tights when you sit for that long ( I wont tell) also on long flights it helps with blood flow. I have spent 3 months in a coma and a year going through hospitals and spinal units thanks to an idiot in a digger. I am very lucky that I can use cruches for short distances but wheelchair mostly. But to help with your travels get some compression sports socks for the long distances. The phonies need you to bust them


gitpicker said....  

Being down just sucks out loud. I`ve been going through the medical ringer myself. Feel better Sr.

Dave said....  

Chief, get well soon. More phonies than ever out west. We need you out and about....

gman said....  

I pray that this ailment is soon in your past,so you can get back to being yourself Don. In the name of Jesus Christ i pray. Amen. You also Dianne.

dave said....  

Don. Sir, I hope you are able to keep your lifestyle the same. Your impact on other has been very positive. If I had not transgressed due to abuse when younger. I would have been excepted when I tried to enlist in the Marines. Life is short and I would have liked mine to have turned more like yours or possibly even some of your friends. My lack of Service has always bothered me. You are a hero. When I viewed you on U - Tube I will never forget the feeling of simple happiness brought on by the realization that I had never had the urge to lie about Service, knowing how much it always had bothered me. Thank you Sir. Dave