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Ducks Gone Wild and an Amber Alert for Bo Jones...

November 16th, 2018 
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Ducks Gone Wild and an Amber Alert for Bo Jones... Many Thanks For The Support...


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Gasserglass said....  

I enjoy listening to Heros..... I know the pain.... I like Carlos a lot, ill be sure to friend him asap!

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Beandoggger said....  

Sometimes it's better to be lucky. 6 deployments and I never got more than a sore back and worn out knees. Keep strong Carlos. Hooah!

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Littlefoot said....  

Cool man

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BoyScout said....  

Don and Diane, thanks for sharing the stories of these warriors. Humility is what defines these wounded heroes. This video sums up humility:

Watch on Youtube
Watch on Youtube

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mick said....  

112 times under the knife. Thats at least 112 hrs in ICU. Each hour in ICU takes a month to recover from.
112 months of continual recovery, no time between operations really.
The body and mind are never at rest. As soon as you are well enough to survive another surgery in you go again.
Lets hope theres some peace and quiet and rest in the plan for you soon mate as yopu deserve some.
Science still does not know how Anesthetics work, they know what works and what doesnt but not how they do what they do to the brain.
Im just glad we have them.
Youre a tough bastard thats for sure.

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