Duck Season in October, a Birthday Bash from Hell and Dan Voices Outrage. BELOW...

Duck Season in October, a Birthday Bash from Hell and Dan Voices Outrage. BELOW...
That’s against the law.
these defendants had placed a cable across their driveway
Sat Jul 1, 2017 17:30
2. I was retained by Dallas Wittgenfeld and Daniel A. Bernath to serve Don Shipley, Carol Diane Shipley, Extreme Seal Experience LLC and Extreme Seal Adventures, LLC.
3. I have read the filing before the Court which showed that these defendants had placed a cable across their driveway and had refused to pick up registered mail containing legal documents from the US Post Office.
4. I was informed that these defendants would appear in Dorchester, Maryland Court on June 28, 2017 and that I could thus serve them personally as they were in court or were leaving or entering.
5. I thus arrived before defendants arrived and could not serve them.
6. I then entered the court room where defendants were seated. Defendant Diane Shipley told me “you can’t serve me with that here. That’s against the law.” Don Shipley agreed.
7. I then asked the bailiff and he said “no, you can’t do that in here.”
8. I told the bailiff that I had summons and complaint from the US District Court and the 20th Judicial District of Florida.
9. The bailiff ejected me from the courtroom and I elected to thus serve them as they were outside of the courtroom or heading toward their vehicle or in their vehicle.
10. I told the security person at the front door that “I’m going to serve some people who might be upset.” The security person said, “we’re aware of the situation.” There were about 6 to 8 local police in front of the courthouse.
11. I thus waited outside of the courthouse as instructed by the court personnel. The security person at the front door told me that the courthouse front door I was using was the only way out of the court house.
12. Defendants, in an apparent maneuver to evade the service of process, to which they had advance notice from the Motions filed before the Court and my statement to defendants, then went out a back door of the court house, apparently with the aid of court personnel to evade service of this Honorable Court’s Summons.
13. Defendants entered the main entrance but parked behind the courthouse so that they could thus exit the courthouse, enter their vehicle and thus avoid service of this Court’s Summons by this technique.
14. I then noticed that all of the police that had been stationed around the court had left.
15. About fifteen minutes later I received news from the District Attorney. The woman district attorney came out when I was talking to another DA and informed me “they’ve gone out the back door”, “they’re gone.”
16. Therefore, defendants had left fifteen minutes before the District Attorneys told me of this escape from being served Summons of this Honorable Court.
17. Therefore, the district attorney intentionally and secretly escorted defendants out a courthouse back door knowing specifically that I had summons and complaints to serve them.
18. I was there from 8:30 to about 11:00 am. It appears that defendants snuck out between 10:30 and 11:00.
19. I have extensive experience as a US Navy Master at Arms. I have seen the video where Diane Shipley states, “don’t ... with me. I’ll shoot you” as she holsters her pistol in a brown holster/purse.
20. I have a seen the video where Don Shipley places a pistol in his back pocket and a long combat type knife in his waist band. Don Shipley also states that he is about to “throat” punch Mr. Wittgenfeld as he enters the Dorchester Maryland courthouse and tells his viewers on youtube to “take your finger and shove it is his eye as hard as you can”.
21. I thus am of the professional opinion that Carol Diane Blazer Shipley and Don Shipley are too dangerous to personally serve. I fear that they may react violently.


Chuck golf :2/26th mar


Great video



Labs are such GREAT dogs! Congratulations, Diane and Don! We have had 5 yellow labs over the last 30+ years, currently we have 2. We love them!



Its awesome to see Dianne so happy!



Outstanding! Congrats on the new addition to the family. Beautiful dog! Happy Birthday old man!




lovely dog




It's just a piece of paper

Marine Corps Boot Camp - Drill Instructors DESTROY Recruits!!!
Marine Corps Boot Camp - Drill Instructors DESTROY Recruits!!!




Warrior is absolutely adorable! Made me smile when all of your fur family was with you in welcoming the new member. I sure do love seeing this. Last but not least a very happy birthday Mr. Shipley! Wishes for many wonderful days to come.


Jan T


th-th-That's all folks. Good night.




That pup in that pool is nearly the sweetest image on here. I bet there is no new video yet because someone has been getting swimming lessons. And that is NOT a complaint. I hope they are having a wonderful day with Warrior.




Jon's 69 Cougar update, paint done. Ready to polish the clear coat and start on the chrome trim.