Hold Me. Don Shipley Fraud Phony Military Veterans SEALs Army Special Forces Rangers Marine Recon Phonies

Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley berates Phony Navy SEALs and Military Impostors.  

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Psyop Dave


It pains me to see these shit fucks going around telling their families, friends, and co-workers these out landish claims. Keep up the good work Don! Let's make America great again by giving these chicken chokers what they deserve!!



Fucks like these are an insult to my family's service, sacrifice, fuckem all.



I am a Nam vet and have not had any interactions with friendly Muslims. Perhaps I should trust in those who have. Thanks for the eye opener. Until such a time is absolute, I will sit with my back against a wall. And always have since the war...



what is it with these people go read some history books and get of the seals back scum bags !!



Having a Muslim by your side trying to kill others Muslims is not unusual and has been going on for 2000 years. The Shia and Sunni hate each other with a passion. The whole Muslim religion is one for a battle of legitimacy within the succession from the earliest of times. "The only thing new is the history you don't know."

As far as phonies, Don recently confirmed one for me. A very successful businessman who nonetheless has been living a very vocal lie for years. I truly think these people have serious personality or mental issues to live in their fantasy world like they do.



That little kid in the ROTC uniform with the WWII medals and the small trident. A friend on mine busted him before. The kid told him he was part of the 303rd Logistical studies unit. Wonder if he's friends with Sgt.Maj. Blaine



Talk is cheap, very cheap it seems. Action, now that's a whole different story isn't it? Go do it, then if you want to talk shit - go right ahead, you've earned the right. But until you've earned that right you might want to keep your infantile opinions to yourself and keep that pie whole of yours shut. Feel me brah?

I agree with what DrjoshsonsDC said, guys that are to ignorant or uneducated to understand that not all Muslims are alike should just shut the hell up! It's just ignorant racism in it's purest form, something a lot of us in this Country have fought against for decades, and now because of a few bad apples, you spoil the whole bunch girl.... oh sorry, broke into a little Jackson 5 there for those of you old enough to remember :)

You are no better than the Muslim Terrorists that you rail against, just a fool without any common sense or learning. Hate everybody because of something a few people did. Good work tubs!



Steve aka Snake Eyes - Oh, please! No, Steve. Just a Snake, that's it. What a douche.



I guess this jerkoff that calls you out doesn't realize it's not all Muslims who are bad. Doesn't realize Muslims and American Special Forces fought side by side in Kurdistan to oust the Islamic Group of Kurdistan and Ansar al-Islam out of Northern Iraq during Operation Viking Hammer. And this is only one example. I dislike guys like this that hate because they are too stupid to understand and educate themselves.



It still baffles my mind how these idiots think that they will never get caught!! I'm a Canadian Combat Engineer and i see alot of frauds here. Keep up the great work Don. Wish you could take care of some of the idiots here in Canada.

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