Snoopsister said....  

What a shock it is to hear of Muj's death during my absence from the site. I'm just crushed for y'all. It's never easy to lose a member of the clan, but there is one thing everyone knows: You loved Muj and Muj loved you all and every day spent with you was a happy one. He was one extraordinary boy, for sure. My condolences to you both and an extra hug for little Mischon, I can only imagine how sad she must be without her big bro. Hang in there, guys.

Dexter78 said....  

I am so thankful I found you guys on this site. You two create such great content and it's such a joy and privilege to be apart of this "subscribed family". Thank you.
I am saddened about the loss of Muj because I know he was an integral part of your lives. He was blessed to have you guys as his owners.

Bignevermo said....  

Stand up people here, honesty... love it! Too bad about the dog...I hate it when my dog dies... :(

Bignevermo said....  

You guys make me feel like I know you all... very that CMC is part of the deal now! :)

dorbie said....  

I've seen a whole load get out at 2000ft because of a low cloud base.