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Don and Diane speak to the video site members

December 04th, 2016 
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Don and Diane grill fish over an open fire as they talk to friends on the site


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Tekdiver said....  

So if we ask if Don Shipley was ever a Seal, we will get charged $20 ??

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Pccstudent said....  

My feeling about free stuff, probably not so unexpected. If someone is given something for free they tend not to take care of it. I only work for free when it is my decision. If I do work for you for free do not be complaining how I set the clock in your car incorrectly by one minute ( I am an auto mechanic). If I come to your home to work for free I do expect you to show that you value my time. I am here working for free because I wanted to help you but as soon as I feel my good deeds are being abused (like if I come to help you move and the cupboards are not yet empty), this will piss me off, it shows you do not value my time. Why should I want to help someone that does not value my time? Have your end of the job right if you call me over for free work. I see no problem charging for the SEAL verifications. The idea of people (teenagers) running you guys around simply because there was no charge for your service, well that pisses me off also.

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Doc said....  

My bud

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ProPatria said....  

My apologies, guys...I posted this on the wrong video.

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ProPatria said....  

Pro Patria, brother...we remember you, easy

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