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Don and Diane in New Orleans.

September 26th, 2015 
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Don and Diane in New Orleans.


MikeQ avatar
MikeQ said....  

ECV had a Stolen valor Asshat last month at a outing where we bring new members in,"invitation only"we had close to 500 members at this and about 25 - 30 new guys,Well this one Asshat tried to tell everyone he was a "Marine Ranger" little did he know we have a bunch of Vet's and they called him right out,They were asking all kinds of questions ,Long story short he left literately crying ,later in the weekend I was telling everyone about this site and what you guys do,and how many Phonies you bust. I hope they come and check this site out. It goes on with all branches of the Service Sadly. Thank's for all you do.

USA11SF avatar
USA11SF said....  

Fireside chat without the fire.....much appreciated.....get some.

Sharon avatar
Sharon said....  

You guys are just such a cute couple!

gitpicker avatar
gitpicker said....  

Love that area too. My dad grew up down there and I was also at Gulfport (`82). Thanks.

Wainegro avatar
Wainegro said....  

I sure hope you nail that guy in AZ, he sounds like a real beauty. Thanks for the upload. I wish I was there eating shrimp and mussels, I'm starving! Best to you guys.

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