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August 14th, 2015 
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Divorce.. Diane’s worried about her friends


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nicholas said....  

i hope my wife and i never get divorced been with her 20 years now. we get along like Don and Diane does. its pretty cool we even got together super young plus we had a child when my wife was 16 and i was 17. everyone thought i would shag like most young guys do. 20 years later i'm still bugging them all they can't get rid of me.

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Blitzer58 said....  

I hope everyone listens well. I was married a whopping 3-1/2 years, she got sick, spent some time in the hospital, then split. Took everything, and I mean everything with her. Including my soul.

I have been depressed and jaded ever since. It's been 25+ years now, and I'll never shake it off. She was the one for me - she just didn't think so.

Please, stick it out, don't end up like me. A jaded, mean old son of a bitch that will never again even look at a woman with want. No thank you.

A man deserves one good dog and one good woman in his life, and I've already had both.

Stick it out for your own sake, so you don't die alone like I will.

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harborseal said....  

Diane, your a lucky women, and Senior is a lucky man. You have raised kids as a SEAL wife, with supporting a husband who was away a lot. Senior has said how lucky he was to have you on the home front. Your truly blessed in your marriage. the Lion cut also on your little girl.

Byron avatar
Byron said....  

Diane, your wisdom is so nice. I love hearing your take and your observations. As a man that has been divorced I see how its affected my daughter and hurt her so bad. I see it in her eyes, but thank god I have joint custody and do not have to be and every other weekend dad. Thank you for everything you and Don do.

Lotta Biltmore avatar
Lotta Biltmore said....  

Heartwarming. When things get bad I tell my husband remember marriage isn't a word it's a sentence, and it's a life sentence. Not making light of your pain, I so hope your friends can dig deep and light that fire one more time. You are a true true friend. Love to you and that big old bear you made a life with.

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