Dive Puerto Rico

Extreme SEAL goes to Puerto Rico




God, I loved that place for deployment 92. The SEAL camp side by side away from every one else on the base it is was big. I believe it was the biggest Naval base outside main land and I believe at the time Subic bay PI was the biggest Naval base but it was closing down around that time 92. There was some good diving on the other side of the SEAL camp up by Navy Comm station we did our formation PT run's back by that side. I had a project on the SEAL camp and had the key to the gate that connected the two camp's. We were on a 7 month deployment in that AOR and Roosevelt roads PR was were our Main Body site and then we had details all round the Caribbean and then sent DFT Detachment half way threw the deployment I was on because we needed an M60 Team I was the gunner to go with the Detachment to Colombia to build and support a Task Force camp. Fun times loved PR.

The deployment before that was Desert Shield & Strom so that was a big difference in deployments except the contingency Detachment to Colombia 1Month then we did a rapid redeployment to GITMO to help with the Haitian Migration had to build a long standing camp for the ones that could not be cleared to go to the US. that camp we built would later be the foundation for Camp X ray/Delta.


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