Dianes Fake Accent

 Some folks believe Dianes accent is Fake




Tips from a professional gal...

How To Speak Southern With Big Bette!
How To Speak Southern With Big Bette!

Whistle dick


I'm from jellico tn not far from where you grew up. If your sister and brother law ever want lunch on me name the place.



Diane has the same accent as all of my mom`s family has, I too have this accent I suppose, in REALITY it is everyone else that has the accent. My father was a city boy that grew up in New Orleans, I was born in La. also but we moved here to north central Fl when I was 8 years old. With my father being raised in the city and we moved to within 5 miles of the house my mom was born in, we raised beef, hogs also chickens for the eggs and meat. The first time we had the chicken butchering, my father tried to lop off the chicken`s head with a hatchet, every time he swung the hatchet the chicken moved out the way. My mom already had the water boiling to dip the chickens in so we could pluck the feathers easier, mom told my father `give me that damn chicken` and she grabbed it by the head and wrung it`s neck, sort of like hand cranking the old tractor we had. Mom tossed the chicken to the ground and it started hopping all over the place, my father said he`s getting away, mom said he aint going anywhere. Dad got a bit pissed and mom showed me how to grab the chicken`s head to pop the neck and she and I did the chicken butchering from then on. I have a lot of stuff I have remembered just since I subscribed to this channel and listened to Diane talk about her family and growing up. Diane, you sound and talk like the people I have been around all my life. Don has a touch of the northeastern US accent, not a lot but a few words now and then the accent comes out. Everyone.....I can tell you that really faking the true southern accent is hard, I read somewhere about the dialect coaches having a hard time with actors when doing movies about the Civil War. Wish I could remember the movie but I cant right now.



i like your accent Diane. my wife says wash the same way you do. she says warsh and me and my 2 boys always mess with her lol



Like you I came from Tennessee, maryville. Went to California after getting out of army and tried to loose the accent didnt work so 24 years they call me hillbilly. Keep up the hard work very entertaining the new first women seal

Donna in Austin


I am thinking there is some kind of t-shirt to tie in Shipleys,accents,hair and phonys.I would buy one!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


I love it. I have a thick southern VA accent and have been accused of being from all over the south. Love you guys.

G 2/3


what accent?



I've never doubted Diane's accent..... but Don's hair... well....



Senior emulates her accent to a T. I am so happy that there is going to be a series of videos on the first women SEAL, Diane was Oscar worthy in that video.

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