Dianes Country Cookin, Oyster Pie Eastern Shore Style.

Diane’s Country Cookin, Oyster Pie Eastern Shore Style. Many THANKs to Greg and Lynn for the Red Carpet shown us during the Grand National Waterfowl Hunt. http://www.grandnationalwaterfowl.com/ Awesome Charity.
TOMORROW... Greg and I cook some Ostreidae ourselves. Those bastards are Philippine Hooker Hump, Hump, good...

Many thanks for the support...




Probably the brand you were talking about - http://www.homadefoods.com/


Johnny Neutrino


Best cooking show I've ever seen! And even though I have smellivision I would have loved to tasted some of that. The duck calls at dinner were very nice. Loved the bird.




Missed you Lazarus..you are a good man. My youngest is graduating h.s. in a few months. Great boy. Had to smooth it over with his ma..she didn't know he was dipping skoal, but no red blooded man I see here doesn't, except the transplants from California. But alot are cool. May have jumped gun on leaving, have to realize other people like the cooking stuff, and the world is changing, in the right direction? Don't think so. Saw that Kalamazoo freak from your old stomping grounds. Obama will cry again on t.v. It is bad, but people pull the triggers, the gun doesn't just do it. I do like Don going to real country, kind of like my back 40 but no mountains. Flatlanders there but maybe further north a few. Seeing a bunch of game as winter is mild tis year, but kind of enjoying watching them a little more than shooting for awhile. Getting mellow. Telecaster, hope you are up and going food bud, Your name may still be up on the court scoreboard a few more times??I believe you were going through the D?? You sound tough and will remain tough guy. Seeing amfew more woman, a few dicked me I guess?? Don't quite understand the Dick thing, but this Dick had a few ak shells fly over my head, so watch the Dick thing. Love Hershel, a man who is old school man, no b.s. in him. Wish we had more, you are a no B.S. Lazarus, so good man. Haven't seen Scotty, maybe he got a little like me?? Good nam vet. Out here and talk to ya Lazarus and telecaster soon. Keep it real and hope this stays real. Hope people vote well in November, this one will make or break us all!




Absolutely love all the new and different dishes on here. So many times I end up cooking the same ole thing. Looks great!!




Nice to see that there are beautiful people so happy for your permanent arrival..looking forward to seeing more of Greg and Lynn..they remind me of some of my friends.




nothing in life stays the same, and the hardest thing for an old man to do is keep going forward as everything he knew and trusted disappears into the future, tide and time wait for no man.




I heard a feedback, its like turning to young and the restless! Oh I just love it as Isis is screwing our ass and phonies say you eat while I get the jump big guys. You were the shot for awhile. But Hershel stays the course. He is not into glamour.




WaveOff I am in need of some coaching. I have recently passed my written and practical exams to become a licensed. deck officer. I have sworn an oath and signed a form agreeing to conscription to the government. The problem I have is I have not recieved my copy of Officer rules .like my Officer rule #1 is You can think it but not have to say anything. After this I request the printable portions of Things an officer should NEVER DO. Please send a copy on Things an officer should always do .Out Of respect to the O class I will always check my rank at the door. The topic of Officer Conduct could have gone much deeper than it did and a gentleman would leave that alone. thanks in advance Edso




Meant real estate channel... sorry. I could be called a idiot. To many phonies to get, but to much eating going on. Some men here were cool men. Out.



Was a great site but know turning into Martha Stewart and relmestate channel. No offense intended, but objective has changed way to much. Sorry, but my 15 is done. Good luck, but tired of dogs and haircuts and non related things I thought objective was for. Good luck, but over and out.

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