Dr PennsylVapia said....  

Muj Died????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WTF Happened and when? Outside of my dogs I loved Muj better than any other dog on the planet and I never even met him in person! I am infinitely sorry for your loss and frankly dumbfounded and at a loss for words. Wow that just ruined my day and any other time I am going to think of him or watch a video with him in it! Man I am sooooooooo sorry to hear it. Damn!

Mrs Gasserglass said....  

Happy Birthday Diane!!! cant wait to see the new family member....

MichWolverine-OakRaider said....  

I REALLY NEED EVERYONES HELP SO PLEASE READ. I really did not want to go down this route, I wanted to handle it by myself. There was a phony seal don busted long ago named NIKKO KAHA DE\\\'LOZADA. Can find it even on youtube as world record for most lies told. A few of you know the situation. My grandparents live all the way on the west coast, and that jackass was lying and extorting money and preying on elders. Both my grandparents are in a retirement home and cant even go to the bathroom by themselves. Under a similar name, in a few month span, he took between 25k-40k yes 40 thousand range $$$ from my grand parents. Telling them how he would get them side roles in movies with the rock and other actors, and that if they gave their $ as an investment he would turn it into millions. I cant even explain how far brain gone they are, but that was all the money they had, and can only stay where they are for another 6 months. I am 25 working my ass off to help best way I can, but I cannot locate this guy. I am not asking for any $ or any handouts, but if anyone could somehow locate this fuck for me it would mean the world to me. I tried to sum up the story, but if have any information on it more, please e-mail me at I just tried to give quick cliff notes and make it short as possible, thank you everyone

RAH said....  

"Look at those ducks in the ditch!" I love Diane!

Civilian82 said....  

You know Don is finished with the b.s when he says mother#$%@&! 2-3 times in a row. I dont like calls that dont pick up either. I hope you get your chance to get Johan, day of reckoning is long over due.

Happy Birthday Diane!