Hogan said....  

I tried those shots , twice, a young lady who was a PA, she knew right where to put that needle. She was a hoot, once you got past the Boo Boo kitty stickers, she knew her shit. I had lost about 130lbs,she was really excited about that. If i hit the trails, or go snow shoeing, i slap on the knee braces and get my shrug on. Sorry you got stuck with some idiot that didnt know what he was doing Diane. I gotta say though, the shots didnt help any but was worth trying.

Lanun187 said....  

Yeah...... I got nothing here....only it reminds me of my wife and I ....

Hope you are doing better w/ the shots

N5KDA said....  

Sorry Diane, I hope you are better. I've had to take shots in my back and they hurt like hell. You don't dare move wit a needle in your back. By the way, if someone ever says myelogram, run like hell.

Hoagie said....  

hang in there Diane its just temporary. Five weeks will be over quick.

Dubya said....  

My father just went and got his 3 shot like that yesterday and he thinks they dont do shit. And they do hurt. He has to try this first before he gets his knees replaced. Good luck with everything!