Diane makes Fish Tacos 2

Don catches the fish with his dogs and Diane cooks them up




My God, I want some fish tacos now.... I shouldn't have watched this video lol



Yum---> Plays Crag Lake by Estradasphere - The Silent Elk of Yesterday



I love that your dogs are right there with you no matter what you're doing. I even like that Michon is up on the counter. They are up in the middle of everything. I also hope that don builds another smoke house or at least a smoker grill. I don't think I could ever be without some sort of smoker. Thanks for the videos Don and Diane!!



Don, when you get the time do you plan on making another smokehouse and doing some more smoking videos?




Oops, sorry.

Since I accidently posted this twice, I might as well tell you about the Case of the Disappearing Donkey. 
It had been about 2 weeks since I got Jackie, and she had graduated from the stall, to the front hallway, to the lot, all the while wearing a halter and dragging a lead rope, like I always do when I get a new horse, and don't quite trust them yet. She had met Skip and Butterscotch across the fence, and she looked so forlorn standing there by herself that I decided today was the day I would turn her out., even though I had to work that night.  Big mistake. The horses came over to say hello, and Jackie took off like a bat out of hell, at least for a donkey.  She still had on the halter and rope
Too late I remembered that there was 1 spot in the fence she might possibly get out, so off I went in hot pursuit, just in time to see Jackie disappear into the trees.. It was a very hot, humid day,, which was not improving my disposition, but I was doing my best to call her sweetly, so as not to scare her. I searched through the poison ivy and brambles, climbing up and down hills for an hour and a half with no sign of that blasted donkey anywhere.
I was retracing my steps to get out of the thicket, when to my astonishment, Jackie stepped out from behind a tree that I had been past at least 3 times, still dragging the lead rope. Simultaneously  she turned to dart back into the brush, and I made a diving leap for the rope. Somehow I caught the little.....animal. She was looking all cool, calm and collected, while I was hot, dirty, and all scratched up. Of course we were at the bottom of the biggest hill on the place.
So. I began the task of persuading a reluctant and recalcitrant  donkey up the hill and back to the barn. That was when she earned the name "Jackie Dammit" and a few others I can't mention in polite company. Two and a half hours later when I finally got her back to the barn, she was pretty much halter broke, and I had to get cleaned up to go to work.
So, I decided to introduce herself to the horses in the lot instead of the pasture, which is probably what I should have done in the first place. At that time I didn't own a gun,  which was probably for the best.




Leaving for work. Jackie wanted me to wish everybody goodnight , especially her sidekick Ms Gabby.

Jackie also feels she is so lovely that no one will mind that her picture is a rerun.  Obviously a little fame has gone to her head.




When I feel my life is getting to be too much. I punch-out, grab a beer and a cigar and I become part of your family for a hot minute. I get perspective and I am reminded to suck it up Buttercup. Thank you for allowing all of us to share in this beautiful, fucked up , funny , important life experience together. I don't spend money on the website....I spend my life and some of the best tears and laughs I have ever felt or known. I look forward to the future and I hope I am always able to contribute. Thx to D and D and to all my Brothers and Sisters who subscribe. Kirk out.


John R


Yuengling Lager! Now I need one...




This Post is DanO's Honor:
Below is a very funny take on a popular campaign video featuring a multitude of famous actors who want you to vote for hillary. Because. Because Shut Up You Peasant.
Here's the link. Follow it if you want to.



bobbyd AMS1


Man those tacos sound great thanks Diane for inviting us into your kitchen.


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