You are here - Dennis my brother in law. Very proud of him.

Dennis my brother in law. Very proud of him.

December 09th, 2015 
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Dennis my brother in law. Very proud of him.



I remember the ol' cardboard in the shoes routine very well. I spent half my childhood with them. One time I was given a pair of bowling shoes that I dyed black and wore to high school. Kids all made fun of me because the bottoms were a reddish brick color. I always wore my older brother's hand-me-downs, as well. But; like your brother-in-law, I wouldn't have changed a thing. I was a "traffic boy" (school crossing guard) back in the 50's at our elementary school; which allowed me to get into the Saturday matinee for free each week. A buddy and I made shoeshine kits and stood in front of the liquor store and shined shoes. Made enough money to buy some candy and more polish. At about 10 years old I mowed lawns and had a newspaper route for awhile. I went though a father and three stepfathers before I was 10 years old. I was on my own at 14 milking cows and living in a 12' trailer that I shared with yellow jackets in the walls. At 15 to 17 I was driving a tractor with an auger drilling holes for fruit and nut tree planting. I later did my hitch in the army during the Vietnam war. Came home and worked as an electrician while going to college. Had an opportunity to hire out on the Southern Pacific railroad as a brakeman, and did. Retired as a conductor and am living on a decent pension.

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Machinist said....  

Much respect for that man. So many these days take so much for granted. Even as a humble person it sure makes your realize how good life is when you listen to how hard others lives were but they always continued on like they were on cloud nine. Good people for sure.

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Hillbilly said....  

I miss Tennessee I grew up in Blount co. My family is still there love going home and talking story

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DanoPCola said....  

Can't do no better then that. Thanks for sharing.

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CountryBoy said....  

Don you were slow sipping that drink :). I'd like to drink a few with you all listening to your brother-in-law's stories of his younger days.

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