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crazy kids

November 28th, 2015 
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Kids having fun with my camera


DanoPCola avatar
DanoPCola said....  

At least the Camera survived :)

coloradomama avatar
coloradomama said....  

hahaha! Lovemuffins! Thanks for sharing them with us.

William Haase avatar
William Haase said....  

Now that's how children are suppose to be , outside getting dirty. Raising them right glad to see kids outside these days.

harborseal avatar
harborseal said....  

Awe, the little one that Senior taught to shoot. One of my favorite videos. Senior and Diane are so great with the kids. Patient , understanding, darn good people.

C.Lou22 avatar
C.Lou22 said....  

Yep. Ur rt about not leaving cameras/phones/OR ANY TECHNOLOGY W/KIDS 4that matter! LOL! SO FUNNY! I know BC I have 2 lil girls, 8 nieces & 2nephews!
They are all camera cRaZy!
Esp the females.
During Thnxgvng holliday I made em put up their phones & hunt dear instead of Instagram notifications!
U have to some xs ya know?
Sadly tho its been bad hunting weather down in TX. THE RAIN RUINT OUR HOLLIDAY!
Rain is just came 2us @ a bad x. My girlies were looking 4ward 2shooting their PawPaw's JUDGE& & JP & their Awmaw's SIG 4the 1st x. No big tho- we live in a fairly small town. Lots of countryside around so it'll happen soon.
Love ya D&D!

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