You are here - Court Update and the Lindbergh Kidnapping solved.

Court Update and the Lindbergh Kidnapping solved.

January 20th, 2016 
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Court Update and the Lindbergh Kidnapping solved.
Diane and I appreciate the patience the court showed today. I’m sure they all felt what we’ve been dealing with since July 2014 when this all began for us. Whatever the outcome, I was able to say my piece truthfully and I’m fine with whatever happens.

Many THANKS for the support... I’ll let you know...


MichWolverine-OakRaider avatar
MichWolverine-OakRaider said....  

so are those "i hate dan bernath" shirts not happening anymore?

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Snoopsister avatar
Snoopsister said....  

I can only imagine how tedious Bernath's presentation was. Diane, you and Don always present yourselves so well, that I am sure the contrast in sanity was not lost on the judge. I'm sure you all are glad that this part of the deal is over. I have a good feeling about it, though, so I see a favorable outcome in your favor. Here's hoping Bernath will finally shut the hell up and go the hell away!

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Brett1 avatar
Brett1 said....  

No more bullshit about this issue. Now on to the rest of his concocted lawsuit.

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Brett1 avatar
Brett1 said....  

We WON!!!!!

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Waveoff avatar
Waveoff said....  

Confirming the court records state the stalking/cyberstalking case was dismissed on Jan. 26 by Judge G. Keith Cary. Countersuit for latest post by out favorite whipping boy? I've got an idea how this could be funded IF SENIOR BLESSES IT. Retribution is very expensive and its a battle he and the Chief-of-Staff might want to avoid.

Brett1 avatar 01/27/2016

Brett1 replied....

I do need some help in the finance department as the costs in a case like this can spiral pretty quickly.

Waveoff avatar 01/27/2016

Waveoff replied....

Call me. You've got the number.

G 2/3 avatar 01/28/2016

G 2/3 replied....

so maybe a member has 20-30 bucks they can turn loose .,how do they get it to you?

G 2/3 avatar 01/28/2016

G 2/3 replied....

@ Bret1;so maybe a member has 20-30 bucks they can turn loose .,how do they get it to you?

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a avatar 02/08/2016

a replied....

Any update on where to send $ so Brett can recoup costs?

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