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Closing on a Rental property

April 01st, 2016 
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Don and Diane sell a Rental Property and try to get new ID Cards


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Dr PennsylVapia said....  

Dianne I love you. However flashing lights does not work. There is a pressure pad in the asphalt for lights that get most traffic from one road but get much less traffic from the opposing road so that the light does not have to change when there is only occasional opposing traffic so it changes quick lets u through and changes right back again for the heavy traveled road. It has nothing to do with head lights. There are however remotes that emergency services used to use to change traffic lights and I am not sure if they still employ that system or not but neither the police or fire response uses high beams to change the light. Sorry Dianne. I still love ya and I think your new hair due makes you look younger and more energetic and full of life. So don't beat me if I ever have the privilege to meet you in person some day.

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Cigar said....  

YES !!!!! Smoking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Roseylee said....  

Good luck guys , also you show them Diane some drivers lol

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JeremyKrull said....  

"I'm gettin ready to brake check this bitch!"

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DanO said....  

Still here. The best political speech I ever heard, the introduction of Trump by his campaign manager in Racine WI. just now. If you support Cruz, you must watch. DanO out.

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Lilly1 avatar 04/02/2016

Lilly1 replied....

Dan0, I watched all 3 speech's today.. and the other speech's his done in WI. They were great...." I want to Be Proud" song "The Snake" by Al Wilson was fantastic.
I have a question that you might answer for me or give your opinion.... When Trump brings up Build The Wall on the Mexican border..... why he doesn't mention Fast and Furious or Brain Kelly. I'm curious maybe you can direct me to where he has mentioned it?

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