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Captain Feeks. Father of a Navy SEAL.

March 30th, 2015 
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Captain Feeks. Father of a Navy SEAL.


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Brat68 said....  

I subscribed a little while ago because I saw all the clips on YouTube & because I love that you take such pride in everything your community stands for & will not put up with the bs. I don't know any real Seals personally, but growing up in a military family and moving with my dad (first UKAF and then NATO) around the world when I was younger, it is always instilled in you that code of belonging to that military family. I always thought I understood what it meant, but, this gentleman just put it into perspective for me in one word....INTEGRITY.
To the Feeks family, I wish you peace, condolences and best wishes for the future.
To the Shipley family, Thank you for all you are doing. I think you are amazing and I also wish you peace and every success in getting these low life, slimy, seaweed, nut cracking, shit for brains off the streets and to teach them how REAL MEN behave!
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Jo said....  

I was one of the few honored to meet Capt. Feeks at the shooting class. He is a great man! I thank Capt. Feeks and his family for not only their service but also their ultimate sacrifice. God Speed!

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PolishX said....  

Much respect Don , Hearing it from the father of a fallen sailor , it hits right in the heart

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va73 said....  

Thank you Senior and Captain Feeks for the video. Thanks to your son and his sacrifice. Really drives home the need to make the phonies pay.

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