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Bustin Phonies despite Mr. Bernath.

October 27th, 2015 
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Bustin Phonies despite Mr. Bernath.


Diane and I head North this week on our 18th phony BUST. Wish us luck...


Tim avatar
Tim said....  

Hey Don and Diane just another piece of crap ! My Dad was an ole Navy boy through WW2 and Korea one phrase he always said about a liar was , if bullshit was an instrument he'd be a brass band ! Thanks for what you have done and do !

BayAreaDeckApe avatar
BayAreaDeckApe said....  

Well ole Bernath won't be claiming anymore bullshit ...he died in a plane crash late Jan 2018 according to a press release

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Syrsa Fox avatar 04/28/2018

Syrsa Fox replied....

Rest in pieces, Bernath.

Darrell avatar
Darrell said....  

just take a look at dan and you get an example of the scumbag type people that have brought the new world order, corrupt, treasonous, militarized, liberal lifestyle, into state, county and the federal government. 1776, #libertyvirus2016

Aurevoir Gopher avatar
Aurevoir Gopher said.... is no longer up. Guess he figured out that stunt was going to get him nowhere. What a piece of human excrement he is.

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nicholas avatar
nicholas said....  

i wish the comment section was like facebook we could like,reply and all that good stuff.

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