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BUD/S Class 78 no one graduated, BUD/S Class 80 no one quit...

May 21st, 2016 
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BUD/S Class 78 no one graduated, BUD/S Class 80 and no one quit... Navy SEAL LCDR Pishdad attended BUD/S Class 78 and no one graduated. He rolled into BUD/S Class 80 and no one quit...

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15:04:34 said....  

Some great information shared. Those who are there for the right reasons and see themselves as winners usually win.

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Hogan said....  

This guy is someone those young guys considering Seal training should hear. His attitude, love for the Teams just comes through.

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Walter1020 said....  

This was an existing video!

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come on Hef83, that deserved a GOLD STAR

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Sorry, <font color="gold">*</font>

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Naked man jumps into a zoo's LION enclosure in desperate 'suicide bid' and survives. wtf?

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phony hater replied....

when I grew up in Buffalo, NY my father worked in Zoo there and became it's Curator. that is top Lion for all u animal lovers. I got to raise many big cat cubs as a teenager. He would get to bring home babies from Lions, Tigers, Leopards that the mothers refused to care for them. we had them from 1 day to about 2 plus months old. our zoo had it's nuts jump into the bear bits. our cats were not open to public jumpers. am sure there were at least nuts lost over the yrs. I worked there as a 13 to 17 y/o. but selling food and stuff, not as a keepers helper. I did enough of that for free too. My dad was the Reptile house keeper when I was a kid and got to be the HMFIC by mid 70.s. for all u non old army types, HMFIC = Head Mother Fucker In Charge. happy sunday all

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Lazarus said....  

Well, I think it's safe to say that the smallest class ever graduated 4. I wonder what the biggest class was to ever graduate BUD/S? Not necessarily the class, but the amount of guys who graduated, it seems like I am always hearing SEAL's say we started with 220, and 24 of us graduated, or 180, and 19 of us graduated, etc... I wonder what the most was?? Anyone?? I'd bet 50-60 maybe?? It would be interesting to know. I just found this:

Rate of advancement from contacting recruiter

Percentage who

Signed enlistment 79%

Graduated recruit training 58%

Completed SEAL pre-indoctrination 90%

Completed SEAL indoctrination 85%

Completed BUD/S phase 1 33%

Completed BUD/S phase 2 87%

Completed BUD/S phase 3 96%

Graduated Airborne School 100%

Completed SEAL Qualification Training 99%

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Hef83 replied....

We had 80 start boot camp and 40 graduate but, a lot of those guys graduated later due to injuries, sickness, and going to PCP.

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JimmyTwoTimes replied....

thanks for doing a little homework. keeps us civvies informed. 75° and sunny in Ann Arbor Laz bro'. is Harbaugh the miracle man? is he?? I hear a lot of talk from the Wolverines. it's pretty common to run into U of M football players around town. talked to a defensive end today in Whole Foods. Sarasota dude, they are psyched! got popcorn?

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Simon77 replied....

The number ...
"Graduated recruit training 58%"
seems unusual. I wonder if they mean the test they give potential BUDS candidates in bootcamp along with finishing Boot Camp.

My bootcamp company was a long time ago but as I recall the number of guys who got "rolled back" was less than 10. "Over the Fence" was one guy.
3 guys got kicked out (or sent to legal hold) when the results of the drug test they did the first day they got their hands on you came back.
Our company was weird. We had a very high percentage of guys who were going to "nuke" schools and other 6 year enlistment schools. We also had a very high percentage of guys like myself with 1 or 2 years of college credits who went in as E2 or E3 (though militarily everybody is a Seaman Recruit in Boot Camp).

Our sister company was known for having screw-ups. Our CC was an E6 but rumor was he was really liked by his bosses. He had screwed up and had an earlier company pulled from him. They might have "selected" a company for him in view of helping him out. Because the rating he was in was closed he never would have made chief had he failed that assignment. If they take two companies away from a CC the CC gets booted.

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