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Brandi's Wedding Prep.

May 29th, 2015 
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Brandi’s Wedding Prep. Shopping for Flowers


eNo avatar
eNo said....  

Theres a lucky guy out there... congrats!

TurdFerguson avatar
TurdFerguson said....  

Best wishes you guys!

Navythomas8 avatar
Navythomas8 said....  

Congrats Brandi!

JustNan avatar
JustNan said....  

I will be thinking of you and this new chapter in your life! We've been married 36 years so you would think I would have some great words of wisdom... Lol! Whenever there are tough or stressful times or you get angry look at your husband and remember how you felt about him on your wedding day! It has helped me many times for it instantly diffuses the situation. Most of all be a team and nothing can tear you apart.
Best wishes hope you have a glorious day!

DANLCOON99 avatar
DANLCOON99 said....  

Brandi,your little girl is so cute!!!, you can sure see her momma in her!!! i wish you & your husband to be, all the best. i can't wait to see your wedding footage with senior cheif conducting the wedding, & your daughter being the flower girl that will be extra special!!! Again congrat's in advance, i'm sure it will be an awesome party after the ceremony, all of us subscriber's are looking forward to it!!!,all the best,Dan

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