Boorda, Hackworth, Herschel Walker and Diane has a Stalker...

Boorda, Hackworth, Herschel Walker and Diane has a Stalker... Many THANKS for the SUPPORT...




I had the honor of serving under Admiral Boorda, when he was a Commander, the captain of the USS Farragut. He was fondly referred to by the crew as “boom boom Boorda” from his affinity for having as many gun shoots as possible. From the 5”x54 all the way down to small arms off the fantail. (It was easier unloading ammo by shooting it up rather than carrying it, and counting it as you sent it off for storage and reissue)
Hackworth was a political whore and should burn in Hell for questioning Boom Boom’s integrity. Fair winds and following seas Admiral
Fuck you Hackworth! Fuck you and anyone who even looks like you!



Don you are a smart man when it comes to the stupid shit people do, and I for one respect the way you and Diane go about finding out these liars. They just don't get it. As for Diane and this POS threatening her, what better a bodyguard than a Navy Seal!

Joe D


I met Boorda, he was on the Uss Saratoga CV-60 , flagship - amazing man and leader, between he and capt Unruh (capt at the time), I ran into Boorda on liberty in Spain a few times, what a down to earth man, I don't have enough warm words to describe him. Proud to have said i served under him, he even brought Johny Carson on board when we were in Cannes.....loved that man



Sorry my rating was meant to be a 5



Got a little carried away, my apology.



Here ya go with the crazy stories that Vets choose to disbelieve and start shit they cant finish. I was MACG38 3rd plt Redeye. At that time in the early 70's there were 3 platoons of Redeye Gunners in the Marines, 1st and 3rd at El Toro Ca. 2nd Plt was at Cherry Point NC. In April of 1972 the USS Higby got a 500lb bomb dropped on the stacks . 1st and 3rd plt Redeye were immediately deployed TAD to the Pacific Fleet. The mission was to ride shotgun with Redeye Misiles on Tin Cans and Tenders that were providing Naval Gunfire Support in Operation Linebacker l&2 1972. And train Sailors in the use of Redeye missils the fore runner to what everone knows today as the Stinger missele. In after action debriefes it wa revealed that no Redeye was fired agaist enemy aircraft. In fact there were several reports that gunners were faced with A/Cidentification issues from CIC's. N my experience CIC was concerned about an old French Canaberra bomber as well as Sandy's. So we didnt smoke any of our own, we refused to fire on A/C's that we knew to be friedly. So fast forward to the fuckin dinks in various Veterans Orgainations. I dont fuckin give two shits about "requirements"of proof of service, fuck them and the horse hey rode in on.



Yo Be What he said was wrong about carol and no man that just doesn't happen



It's hard to fix stupid, hope your family stays safe.



Anyone at this stage (of commitment) can commit suicide... His death does not help any cause... Sorry but i had to write it. It might had been a mental stress shock down for him (do not be at the touch).
Yeah tragedy
... The last dude is dangerous ill.



what happened to women and kids being off limits? What in the hell could Diane have possibly done !