You are here - Blacktooth Recommendation... Tim Allen's show Last Man Standing Phony SEAL. Thanks Blacktooth.

Blacktooth Recommendation... Tim Allen's show Last Man Standing Phony SEAL. Thanks Blacktooth.

May 19th, 2018 
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Blacktooth Recommendation... Tim Allen’s show Last Man Standing Phony SEAL. Thanks Blacktooth. Many thanks to EVERYONE...


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TKsMantis said....  

That was fucking amazing! Never seen the show.

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JC said....  

I really enjoyed Last Man Standing - we out here in South Africa don't get all the latest stuff from the US but we buy what we can get online - Tim Allen is great in this show - hopefully we can get the Fox series eventually here as well

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quick_8 said....  

Would have been great if Tim Allen said give me a second to call Don Shipley to check and see if that phony was a navy seal!!

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hball13 said....  

Tim Allen kicks that show and so glad Fox is bringing it back! Butt hurt lefties in tinsle town took it off air. Why? Ratings were great, Tim likes to speak for himself and not the Demo party line.....Im done. Enjoy the holiday and remember why we have this holiday. Ok now Im done.

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Jrezky avatar 08/08/2018

Jrezky replied....

The stated reasons for Last Man Standing's cancellation were that Tim Allen would need to renegotiate his contract after the 6th season, adding to the price tag for ABC, as well as a network decision to move away from comedy on Fridays. ABC also did not own Last Man Standing and was trying to reduce licensing fees on its shows due to an overall drop in dollars for the company. So really, there is just as much evidence that it was business and scheduling reasons considering it is coming back with just two cast changes, neither of which is Tim Allen.

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Malicedoll avatar
Malicedoll said....  

my aunt had a peacock, it was so mean to me. So was her goose!

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