Sgt.Sullivan said....  

Is Bill currently a fugitive?

Dick said....  

Since this a-hole is profiting on this bullshit , why hasn't he been arrested /looked at by the FBI.

Lyle N said....  

I'm new to your site and have seen alot of your videos on YouTube, but has this thing with Bill come to a end yet? Has he crawled back under the rock he came out of?

BayAreaDeckApe said....  

Flying into Iraq in a squirrel suit? HELL NO
Jumping out of cake in a chicken suit at a gay bar? MORE THAN LIKELY

What a total chud ole Billy boy is

ENGRPOD said....  

I must admit, of all the weird varieties you've encountered throughout looking at many ifnyiur earlier videos, this one, quite frankly, left me rather dumbfounded, in terms of the sheer audacity of the claims being made. One tends to wonder spabout such minds, actually, in watching and listening to the presentations; just hearing much of what is sai completely tends to strain one's sense of credulity st times. That anyone could even give any semiserious credence to what it so overtly just nothing but specious claptrap completely, I'd found, left me quite frankly dumbfounded, for the sheer level of nonsense you'd had to evidently cope with, I'd thought, in all honesty. After awhile, I just couldn't even listen in places, as you so aptly pointed out, you know? I'd just thought, after listening for awhile, "Wow", in terms of the sheer and utter gsll exhibited, honest, hope was of interest, many thanks, one of our very best video sequences, clearly in a class completely by itself, I'd thought.