Best Damn Southern Cornbread Dressing Ever

You cant rush a good thing after all it only comes once a year







Diane I loved this video your dressing is the same as my Moms, who is from the south ...TEXAS...only difference she uses chicken gizzards not chicken breast and the broth from boiling them and adds pecans 😋 thanks for posting and I hope you and Sr had a wonderful Thanksgiving



Yep us from the south love our dressing , corn bread but we use yellow meal , like you did with the oil we dang near fried the corn bread you and me and my family all sound alike . When my wife lets me cook I use dark meat with skin and I keep lard for me. I take my hat off to you for being a warriors wife . Love the show and hate the lying SOBs




New video



All the helo sounds in the background bring back memories....


Chuck golf :2/26th mar


Travis. Is. Standing in. Elephant grass. He’s. Obpver. 7. Ft. Tall. As. Usual. Editor at. LRge. Sorry.


Chuck golf :2/26th mar


This is. Travis. I used to be. 6. Ft. Tall. Travis. Either. Carried. The. 81. Motor. Tube. Or the. Butt.plate. And. That’s. Something. Most. Guys. Can’t do. Next. Picture. You’ll be surprised.




Looks fantastic, as usual!



Last night I was coaching a Japanese and American baseball team ( All stars, all MLB and AAA guys) and I could NOT get their attention or respect!! I was a football and hoops stud in high school, made all county team 4x football and 3x basketball. When it was time for baseball I killed it in little league in Michigan, but when I got my very first pitch as a freshman in Florida, Foughetaboutit!! it terrified me. ( the kid who pitched was a future MLBer but not a pitcher.) He played a few hundred games in the majors even got a ring with the old Florida Marlins) but he holds a lot of AAA records. I don’t know much about baseball. I know I played for all 4 years and had a batting avg of maybe . 087!! Had a great arm but it was useless. I was just the rah rah guy!! The only sport I played JV in!! And they MADE the upper class men play Varsity as bad as I was. Rarely played, didn’t even want to. I was happy riding the pine. But I know in pro baseball a stud gets drafted and plays rookie ball and if he’s real good he makes A ball, and if he’s really really good he may make AA in a couple years, then if he’s a stud he will get to AAA, then if the kid is a God, after a few years he will be in the majors. It’s very rare for a guy to come right out of HS or college straight to the Majors. I think that’s about right but I really know nothing more about the sport. It really fascinated me though and here I am I’m coaching Japanese and American professional baseball players!! I was trying to motivate them but they knew I didn’t know shit. The guy who hired me to motivate these guys won their first ten and needed to make the playoffs and had ten to go. But then I said hey guys, remember how happy you told me you were when you played your first ten games?? Let’s try to get that feeling back in these last ten games! And the manager offered me 100,000 dollars a game to motivate them!! I got em motivated and they finally loosened up and really started to like me!! I realized it was a damn dream!!! I woke up and some baseball movie was on!! Wow, what a waste of space!! I really am long winded!!
But HAPPY THANKSGIVING my ESA Warriors Echo platoon! Thank you all for the kind texts and words!! It was bad losing my brother in law at 50 and I’ll never let petty shit bother me anymore. I will continue to love everyone and be forgiving and let not little stuff bother me so much!!! Again Happy Thanksgiving all!! Much love from Saradora, Fl. And always remember to KEEP SMILING- Laz
Ps. I was not drinking and I don’t use drugs but it was so real someone may know why I dreamt about that maybe I’m going to be a motivator in my old age??? Or maybe I’ll learn to speak Japanese?? Oooh, I did hear a couple of jokes. Why did the bicycle have trouble standing on its own??? It was too tired!!!! What did the horse say to the scarecrow?? Hay!!! Okay, if you want to know why Monica Lewinsky voted republican, you’ll have to go to my wall, it’s pretty dirty!!! 




They love the outdoors. Especially when a few Lincoln’s are involved