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Bernaths Compromise to Don and Diane

December 24th, 2015 
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Bernath sends the Shipleys a list of demands to leave us alone


Hogan avatar
Hogan said....  

That phony huntin video was a hoot! Glad you didnt cave!

heather avatar
heather said....  

Everybody's gotta vent sometime!

sammy avatar
sammy said....  

Lot's of love for you and your lovely wife. Vote me in. lol

Son of a sailor avatar
Son of a sailor said....  

Bernath should go suck a salty big one.

Stan avatar
Stan said....  

So happy you are still doing the "outing of these phony`s bullshit stories", I had subscribed to the youtube channel a year or two ago and watched all of those videos and just subscribed to this site a week or so ago. I absolutely loved the deer(phony) hunting video and never even thought about the idiot "Bernath". NOW I think you need to edit or remake the video using a shirt with "Bernath" stenciled on it, fits that MFer to a tee!! I love everything you all do, Don, Diane, MC Davis, and the rest. I sure hope Mack is doing well, I watched Future Weapons and saw Mack and enjoyed the series on the Military Channel. I no longer get the Military Channel though and I miss it. Great work in all you do, I hope you are still on the mend Don!!

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