Ask Master Chief Shit. What would you have done if you didnt become a SEAL

Ask Master Chief Shit. What would you have done if you didnt become a SEAL?


bobbyd AMS1


Salute to you M/C for all you do to keep the Spirit of the old salty bastards alive. And helping D & D fight the phonys. This coming from just an aircraft mechanic having served six years active duty honerably with a commitment to keeping the birds up and safe no hero here just hard work and long hours.



Thanks Master Chief Davis. BTW what is "slept in" to a SEAL Master Chief? 5:30am?



Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Master Chief!

Jake the Snake


Master Chief,
I have a couple of years to go and it`s bye bye Navy, things have changed toooo damn much I have to be all *PC and shit like that can`t hurt your shipmates feelings anymore* stay true and be safe. I hearing the old sea stories from the older guys:-)



Did you ever run into Kevin Murphy or Tony Zimos?



Here's a true story, kind of a "you had to be there moment" It was our last night in boot camp or close to it. It was just after lights out, we're all laying at attention. Sgt Degiso ,are most sadistic DI was pacing up and down the squadbay looking for any reason to get us up and thrash us. All of a sudden to test our disipline he bellows out, "My wife's filipino and my girlfriends filipino" "And I don't cheat on either one of them" We had a did he just say that moment, then we all lost it. I don't remember if we got punished or not. We all loved him after that.



Thank you, Master Chief. It is a great honor to get to know you through these videos.



hit submit too early. The story continues. Read comment below first. Anyhow, it didn't work. Blews his balls right off. Nothing else just his nuts. The medic stitched up his wound but later an infection took his life. The Airman couldn't help it, he snickered again. One of the retirees got pissed this time. He said to the Airman what's so funny? You think Air Force Chiefs are so tough. The Airman reply: I know a Chief with no brains, guts or balls and he is just about to retire with 30 yrs in the service. The end.



Old Chief's Joke: This young Airman two striper was sitting in the court yard at his local BX canteen enjoying his lunch. Sitting at the table next to him were three retirees. A retired Navy Sailor, a Marine, and a retired Army soldier. These three started talking about which service had the most dedicated Chiefs (E-9s). The Navy dude said he could prove Navy Chiefs are the toughest. He told the story of a Navy Chief taking a round right between the eyes while firing an anti-aircraft gun during Pearle Harbor. Blew his brains right out of the back of his head. The Chief was so dedicated, his body continued to fire the gun for another two minutes, scoring two hits. That's pretty impressive the other two old timers said! The airman snickered, some what, under his breath. The Marine, not to be undone, said to his fellow retirees, that's nothing. I know of a Marine who jumped on a grenade, blew his guts all over. He was so dedicated, he wrapped his guts back in his stomach with a shirt he pulled of a dead gook, and kept on fighting. A week later, due to the fact he Forgot he was wounded, he died on hit cot. Wow the other two retirees said. The young Airman this time let out a low laugh. The retirees heard it and gave him a pretty shitty look. Anyhow, the Army retiree said he knew a story about a Sergeant Major who stepped on a lined mine. He called out to his troops. Forced them to leave him to get himself out of his mess. With all his might he jumped after the mine as fast as a cheeta



Great respect for your service and ass kicking attitude.

On your GoPro,.....Check to make sure you have the rear door with the slots versus the waterproof door (which is solid) will help the sound quality considerably.

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