OldCrow said....  

Senior I realize that these two questions are off track, but a lot of questions and/or statements on this site are off track. But one does not usually have access to a true professional as youself with your actual onhands experience with the following: (1) Excluding, John M. Browning's 1911 .45 ACP platform, what weapon (pistol) do you personally consider the best - the Sig Sauer MK25 (P226) or the Beretta 92FS (M9), (in the past, you've expressed your opinion on what shotguns you like). And now for question #2, and I realize that it's a way out there in left field question, but one that inquiring minds would like an answer to. If you and Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now was to get in a fight - who would win. I understand it's a hypothetical question, but I know that an entertaining answer (with all the facial expressions) is to come. Warrior would even like an answer to these questions, wouldn't you Warrior. Warrior says, "Woot."

majorcrud said....  

Aprox. How many Seals graduate & come from bad families? The kind of parents or step parent you'd like to feed to a half dozen starving lions and watch them rip em up while you enjoy a big box of hot buttered popcorn and a Coke. There must be some guys out there who take the challenge head on & end up being a better person after all is said & done. Any guess on percentages?

11c40m60 said....  

I really have a lot of respect not only were u in the navy but u stuck with don all these years. my ex not only devorced me because of vn but turned all our familiees against me but all my friends too. I have the utmost respect for wives who stick with a combat military man.

Debo said....  

I would like to see some kind of co-Federal/State Legislation to compensate Stolen Valor investigators (Don and Diane). Further, allow them to be independent of invasive Federal/State control so that they can do their jobs and hunt down these perpetrators of Federal/State Stolen Valor legislations. These perpetrators are foul as an evil night. Further, think these services of finding and revealing violators of Stolen Valor laws through out the USA and her territories, possessions, and protectorates.

BradyBoy87 said....  

Please make more videos like this. I like my phone videos like everyone else but these videos where you just shoot the shit and talk about the shipping you used to do are fucking gold man.