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A Strange Valentines Day Dinner and a Stranger Search for the Perfect Property.

February 15th, 2016 
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A Strange Valentines Day Dinner for Diane and a Tough Search for the Perfect Property.
Many thanks for the Support... GET TO VIRGINIA FOR THE APRIL COURSE.


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Roach said....  

Man that looks like the Bush Compound in Kennebunkport Maine

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Dr PennsylVapia avatar
Dr PennsylVapia said....  

WOW! I had no Idea of the caliber of property and structure along with condition, amenities, luxury, decoration, landscaping and size of everything you were looking at. Hell I do not hunt but i would pay to just spend a few days there just to relax. What an amazing place to honor our Vets! How can I help?

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Flowermonkey avatar
Flowermonkey said....  

It looks perfect for you and your new project. Plenty of space for those who need the combination of solitude and companionship. The support that you can also give to the families of those veterans who would stay would allow them to relax and be a family.children can run about and have their own club and activities that help them. The adults can relax and feel the sun on their faces.
I would love to contribute my skills and time to ESA. I spent my school holidays working with my Dad on activities from canoeing to building camps in the woods. I now have my art skills, photography ext that I can share with others. Teaching someone to take a photograph with actual film not just digital, then processing that image on photographic paper. Magical

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Flowermonkey avatar
Flowermonkey said....  

Diane it is so good to see you looking so much more relaxed with the sparkle back in your eyes.

Ed Draper avatar
Ed Draper said....  

Looks great guys! Have you looked to partner with trusts with similar goals? I suggest putting together a plan with a funding goal. Present the plan in detail in a video and take it to a crowd funding source and social media. You need a story that differentiates you from what other folks are doing. What are your occupancy targets by quarter? People will help... but you need to make it real to them - and that comes from detailed planning.

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Flowermonkey avatar 02/21/2016

Flowermonkey replied....

Like a Kickstarter project with differing levels and rewards?
T-shirts to visits to the property, many different rewards to encourage people to support and feel part of the project.

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