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A Special Gift

April 04th, 2016 
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Herman Dhaliwal presents Don and Diane with a most Special Gift of their beloved Mujihideen


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mick said....  

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mick said....  

This is Nancy Bin Laden. She was Nancy for a week, named after Nancy Wake. But dont let the cute face fool you, shes a fucking terrorist, so she answers to Nancy or Bin Laden now. Nancy when shes good, Bin Laden when shes bad. I had some Burmese Muslim guys move house for us, they cant touch dogs so when I called her to come away using the name Bin Laden and explained why shes called that, they all fell about in hysterics, funniest thing theyd ever heard.

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Hogan said....  

Good stuff.

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Krump said....  

lot of emotions... words are not getting out easily....

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Dr PennsylVapia said....  

That was Awesome and I know 30 other people said the same thing "its awesome" but the phrase just fits so well. I lost my little girl and until you bond with a 4 legged companion it will always be hard to understand what losing one is like and how it feels.

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