You are here - A SeaBee saves the Hunt. Thanks, Shipmate.

A SeaBee saves the Hunt. Thanks, Shipmate.

January 10th, 2017 
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A SeaBee saves the Hunt. Thanks, Shipmate.
Many thanks for the support.


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ddbart77 said....  

enjoyed the story and the live footage too Don - thx 4 your service to our country and continued service.

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Cigar  avatar
Cigar said....  

Wingmaster is a Great Gun..

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BobVH said....  

Yah Don.....I had fun in boot camp! I had an asshole for a CC. This first class who for reason didn't take a liking to me. He canceled my only liberty and would not allow me to call my uncle who was going to come pick me up and take me home. So he had to sit in the parking lot for two hours waiting for me. Then he didn't allow me to go to the graduation ceremony where my uncle was in the audience watching for me. When I asked if I could call him and tell him I wasn't going he said "not my problem". I said "it's going to be your problem when after the ceremony he comes up and asks you where I am.....and while you're explaining that perhaps you call tell him why because of you he sat out in the parking lot for two hours waiting for me...and by the way he is a multi-millionare......and a former WWII CPO". I really hated that guy!

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marsh said....  
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JimmyTwoTimes avatar 01/11/2017

JimmyTwoTimes replied....

give 'em hell Donny. these left wing haters have met their match. he ain't putting up with any of their bullshit. fuck you CNN. BYE BYE FAKE NEWS. loving every delicious minute of his destruction of the mainstream media when they try to lie. it's not gonna happen. not on this guy's watch.

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marsh avatar 01/11/2017

marsh replied....

I would love to see him revoke their press passes.

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JimmyTwoTimes, Edso, JulieO
 Edso avatar
Edso said....  

I helped a DAV get to the van rally point today. The driver of the van asked if I would concider driving the van for them . I would have to take a Physical and background check @the Minneapolis VA. I am told drivers are treated well while waiting for everyone to get appointments  finished. I will look into this Honor.

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