You are here - A Saturday well spent Training my new Waterfowl Retrievers.

A Saturday well spent Training my new Waterfowl Retrievers.

March 12th, 2016 
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A Saturday well spent training my new waterfowl retrievers. Many thanks for the support... It really means a LOT.


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Dave said....  

Can not wait to see the fall out from bernath. Bring that and more to the west coast reunion.

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ShotInTheDark71 said....  

Dons surgical procedure is tomorrow we will all be praying everything goes perfect. Seems the techniques used today is a microscopic little tunnel boring machine for your arteries. Remember You a retired SEAL a badass a true American Hero in every sense my friend we all wish you the best and a speedy recovery !!!! And you have the most precious person at your side Diane I think shes a wonderful beautiful lady she has provided some of the greatest laughs for me and my brother over the past several years. God Bless you all !!!!!

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butkus said....  

P.s. to Michelle... make Montana a low priority on your travels please... It's for ranch women. Try France.

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617 said....  

My mom's Chesapeake 'Remington' is 10 weeks old now. We live on a large farm property in NC. 2 ponds, plenty of geese. Some good proving grounds.

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nicholas said....  

little 9 month old roy is about to start walking on his own.he tries so hard to walk and this kid seems to be super smart considering he was born addicted. i already love this little guy to death even though he's not our son.i feel like he is our son.we have had him since he was 2months old. he's just to cute and i love having a little one in the house again. oh and you all should hear him try to talk it's priceless.

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