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UPDATE. On My Stray Kitty, Hillary.

June 25th, 2016 
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UPDATE. On My Stray Kitty, Hillary. You’ve been asking about Hillary. I think she was abused, she’s very hard (aren’t all cats) to befriend. But I work on it every night with her. MANY thanks for the support.


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Darrell said....  

you can tell she wants contact. won't be long till she's in the house but for now she's on mouse or rat patrol. look out dan.

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LauriThorne said....  

That's a shitty name for a kitty, she is loud though so I guess it fits.

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ebonicpentameter said....  

Senior (et. al.),

I volunteer with two animal rescue groups in my area. I am tasked with cleaning the cages, litter boxes, food/water dishes for the adoption areas at a couple of pet stores. My work is entirely with cats. Me and the Mrs have two of our own. The first cat, she just showed up nine years ago while we were waiting to be shown a home. It looks like the previous owners moved out and left her behind. She was skittish at first, but over time, she began to spend some nights indoors, eat a lot of treats and not regret her former diet of only being able to find lizards for sustenance.

Later on, we formally adopted a kitten through one of the adoption programs with which I volunteer. The first cat became an "alpha mama". She has cared for the younger one, and she's never left our side since. Both of them have been with us for nearly a decade, four moves and a whole lot of life in between.

I'll post a good group shot when I get a chance. Your working with your stray cat is greatly appreciated, and it is heartwarming.


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Christian said....  

It's good that your friend Hillary can rely on you for a decent meal everyday, would be cool if she'd let you take her with you. I am a friend of all cats especially Cosmo and Max my two food consumers, if I'm even 5 minutes late for a feeding , Cosmo gets out the banjo and plays the song, love watching you and Diane kick ass on all the phonys, and after a month straight watching you guys I told my friends I served in the Air Force with that we should have joined the Navy and tried to be SEALs. You guys are awesome I love what you do, and it's cool you have a heart for a wayward cat that needs a friend. Thank you Don and Diane

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ShotInTheDark71 said....  

I love that cat reminds me of mine !!! Man they go crazy for rotisserie chickens don't they ??? Awesome heart on you Don awesome heart bro !!!! I'm proud to me a member on here !!! Everyone on heres fukn kick ass awesome !!!!

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