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Trapped like Rats by Geese...

January 01st, 2018 
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Trapped like Rats by Geese... Many thanks for the Support. Happy NEW YEAR Everyone...


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JoeMaddoG said....  

These videos are My favorite Diane just complaining and Don boiling his blood pressure love you Guys So Much. Haha.

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BobVH said....  

I totally agree Diane about SAMs. That is why I quit them over a decade ago! For the very same reason. At least COSTCO puts your stuff in a cart for you and at least a box if you want one.

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BobVH said....  

Don and Diane.....there is one thing we all have in common. We can hear a bar of soap hit the shower floor aboard a U.S. Navy ship from 500 meters away. Not only that we KNOW how to react! Just though I would mention that after watching this New Years 2018 video. hahahahaha....

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2minutes2midnight said....  

Yea shut up Don...

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robbie574 said....  

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